Giancarlo Dal Moro

Giancarlo Dal Moro

Giancarlo dal Moro, PhD is a Senior Geophysicist and software developer for Eliosoft in Italy, a software development firm for the geosciences. Dr. dal Moro received his doctorate in geophysics from the University of Trieste. He specializes in Geophysical methods for site characterization (academic research and field practice): joint inversion of geophysical/seismic data, surface wave analysis (dispersion and attenuation), site effect assessment, software implementation, remote sensing, and seismic-data processing. Giancarlo is a contributing author and reviewer for several journals in the field of Geophysics including the Journal of Applied Geophysics, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, and the Journal of Remote Sensing.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Geophysicist and software developer,Eliosoft, Italy.