Gerry Souter

Gerry Souter

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Gerry Souter has been a writer, producer, director, and multimedia project manager for 20 years. He written and produced a number of award-winning programs for the public domain including commercials, informercials, documentaries, trade shows, children's entertainment, satellite broadcast programs, interactive training, and multimedia. In 1995, he created Avril 1 Group Inc., a multimedia project management company operating out of Arlington Heights, IL. Souter's The DisConnection (0-86729-218-0 KIPI, 1988, 191pp, hc, $35.00, Sales: ), a leading book on interactive training design and computer-controlled, disc-based video systems, is frequently selected as a supplementary college textbook. Souter has worked successful with Fortune 500 companies, presidents of corporations, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States, royalty, and Asian customs officials. He has produced interactive children's programs in nine languages, delivered technical papers to SMPTE, and speaks to trade an

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Gerry Souter

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