Geping Yin

Geping Yin

Dr. Geping Yin is a Professor and Vice Dean at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Director at the Centre for Chemical Power Sources, Harbin Institute of Technology. Dr. Yin received her B.S. in Electrochemistry in 1982 and her Ph.D. in Environmental Science in 1988 from Harbin Institute of Technology, respectively. She has more than 30 years of experience in electrochemistry and over 20 years of R&D activity in fuel cells and electrocatalysis. Dr. Yin is internationally renowned in electrochemistry and is distinguished for her contributions to fuel cell catalysis. She has published more than 180 papers in prestigious journals with over 2800 citations, 3 edited books, and 60 conference proceeding papers. She also holds over 20 patents and 6 patent pending in the area of electrochemistry and electrocatalysis.

Affiliations and Expertise

Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China