George Livadiotis

George Livadiotis

Dr. George Livadiotis is a Senior Research Scientist in Southwest Research Institute. He is a leading expert on the field of kappa distributions and its statistical background, the framework of non-extensive statistical mechanics. Among other theoretical achievements, he developed (i) the connection of kappa distributions with non-extensive statistical mechanics, (ii) the formula of entropy that is related to the kappa distributions, (iii) the generalization of kappa distribution to describe the whole Hamiltonian of particles, the kinetic and potential energy, (iv) the different types of consistent formulae of kappa distributions, (v) the shock Rankine-Hugoniot conditions for kappa distributions. Among other applications, he used kappa distributions to describe the proton populations in many space plasmas in the heliosphere and the heliosheath.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, USA


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