Genhua  Niu

Genhua  Niu

Texas AgriLife Research at El Paso and Texas A&M University, TX, USA Genhua Niu Associate Professor Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at El Paso, Texas A&M System El Paso, 1380 A&M Circle, TX 79927 Phone: 915 859 9111 Ext 232; Fax: 915 859 1078 Email:; URL: Areas of Expertise • Environmental stress physiology • Modeling and crop production under controlled environment • Nutrient and salinity management for efficient use of water and fertilizer • Micropropagation Dr. Genhua Niu is an off campus faculty at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at El Paso with 100% Research Appointment. Her areas of special expertise are in environmental stress physiology and plant production in controlled environment. Her current research areas include identifying drought and salt tolerant low water use plant materials for urban landscape, quantifying growth and physiological responses of crops to drought, salt and heat stresses, and determining the minimum water requirement for urban landscape plants for maintaining a healthy landscape while conserving water. In addition, Dr. Niu is also working on evaluating the salt and drought tolerance of a range of bioenergy crops and vegetables for the semi-arid region. As a researcher at an off campus research center, Dr. Niu closely works with county extension agents on local extension programs. She also collaborates with faculty members at the Department of Horticultural Sciences, other research centers, and colleagues at other universities on research programs and graduate student education by co-advising and serving as a graduate committee member. In professional society service, Dr. Niu has been active by serving as officers of several working groups for American Society for Horticultural Science and USDA regional meetings. Professional Recognition: • Extension Communications Award by Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science. Mengmeng Gu, Dotty Woodson, Bart Drees, Steve George, Joe Masabni, Monte Nesbitt, Kevin Ong, Tony Provin, Benjamin Wherley, Doug Welsh, Genhua Niu, John Pitt, Christin LaChance, Charriss York, Richard White, James Thomas, Charles Fontanier, Jonathan Smith, Reagan Hejl. • 2014. Earth-Kind Landscape Management. • Bridget Fellow of Japan Society for Promotion of Science, 2010. Host: Chiba University from Nov 6 to Dec 11, 2010. • USDA CSREES National Water Program Award for Outstanding Integrated Activities for Water Resources, Rio Grande Basin Initiative Team Member, 2007. • First USDA national teamwork award for integrated water resources, ranked number 1 out of 37 nominations. • Vice Chancellor’s Award in Excellence, Rio Grande Basin Initiative Team Member, 2006, Texas A&M University Agriculture Program. • Post-doctoral research Fellowship of Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), 1997 - 1998, Chiba University, Japan. • Japanese Government Scholarship recipient, 1992 -1997, Chiba University, Japan

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor, Texas AgriLife Research, El Paso, Texas A&M University, El Paso, TX, USA


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