G. Aschersleben

G. Aschersleben

Glsa Aschersleben worked as research and teaching assistant from 1987 to 1991 at the Psychological Institute of the Technical University in Munich, her main research interests then being man-computer interaction and software ergonomics. Since 1991 she has been a senior researcher at the Department for Cognition and Action at the Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Munich. In 1993 she completed her thesis in psychology on Afferent Information Processing and the Synchronization of Events. Her habilitation was on Task Dependent Timing of Perceptual Events (1998). At present her main research interests are: temporal control of actions, cognitive representations of actions, perception-action, coupling, attention, intersensory integration.

Affiliations and Expertise

Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research, Leopoldstrasse 24, 80802 Munich, Germany.