G G Moulton

G G Moulton

Garner G. Moulton has a Masters of Science in Biology from the Program of Cell and Molecular Biology at San Diego State University. He has been working in biotech and non-profit research for over 25 years, and has focussed specifically on protein purification and fermentation process development over the last 17 years. During the past 4 years he has been employed by the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) in Seattle, WA, USA, where he is a principal research associate in charge of the Process Development Department. He has developed many robust fermentation processes that can be adapted to many different recombinant products without having to re-optimize conditions of growth and expression. Numerous projects have been successfully transferred to a contract manufacturer for scale-up production and use in clinical trials.

Affiliations and Expertise

President and CSO of BioBench LLC, Seattle, USA