Frederick A. Villamena

Frederick A. Villamena

Prof. Villamena received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Georgetown University and joined Ohio State in 2001. He has held a number of positions there, including several years as a research scientist/principal investigator in the Center for EPR Spectroscopy and Imaging (electron paramagnetic resonance). His current research interest is in the advancement of free radical detection and identification by EPR spectroscopy focusing mainly on the development of new spin traps and probes for chemical, biological, and biomedical imaging applications. Prof. Villamena publishes and lectures widely on this subject and has chaired the Free Radicals Session at the Rocky Mountain Conference on Analytical Chemistry for the past three years. He is an ad hoc grant reviewer for NIH and international funding agencies for the development of radical probes, and regularly reviews manuscripts on radical-related topics.

Affiliations and Expertise

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA


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