Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery, 5th Edition

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery, 5th Edition,S Dixon,ISBN9780080470627





A new edition of a well-established, popular engineering-based textbook on the fluid and thermal principles underlying successful, efficient Turbomachinery

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Key Features

* An important, long overdue new chapter on Wind Turbines, with a focus on blade aerodynamics, with useful worked examples
* Includes important material on axial flow compressors and pumps
* Example questions and answers throughout and an available Solutions Manual


The new edition will continue to be of use to engineers in industry and technological establishments, especially as brief reviews are included on many important aspects of Turbomachinery, giving pointers towards more advanced sources of information. For readers looking towards the wider reaches of the subject area, very useful additional reading is referenced in the bibliography. The subject of Turbomachinery is in continual review, and while the basics do not change, research can lead to refinements in popular methods, and new data can emerge.
This book has applications for professionals and students in many subsets of the mechanical engineering discipline, with carryover into thermal sciences; which include fluid mechanics, combustion and heat transfer; dynamics and vibrations, as well as structural mechanics and materials engineering.


Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, civil, automotive and aeronautical engineering; professional mechanical, civil, automotive, aeronautical, and control engineers

S Dixon

B.Eng., Ph.D.

Dr. Dixon has published numerous scientific research papers in turbomachinery and lectured in turbomachinery at the University of Liverpool for nearly 40 years. For 25 of those years he was Chief Examiner in Mechanics for the Council of Engineering Institutions in the UK.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Fellow at the University of Liverpool

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery, 5th Edition

Introduction: Dimensional Analysis: Similitude; Basic Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics: Definitions of Efficiency; Two-dimensional Cascades; Axial-flow Turbines: Two-dimensional Theory; Axial-flow Compressors and Fans; Three-dimensional Flows in Axial Turbomachines; Centrifugal Pumps, Fans and Compressors; Radial Flow Gas Turbines; Hydraulic Turbines.
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