Feng Xu

Feng Xu

Feng Xu is a Staff Scientist in the Department of Protein Chemistry at Novozymes, Inc. (a subsidiary of Novozymes A/S) where he has been a research scientist since 1992. His research interests are in enzymology and enzyme biotechnology, particularly that related to oxidoreductases (Cu-oxidase, heme peroxidase, flavoenzymes) and carbohydrases (cellulases, amylases). In the past decade, he has focused on enzymatic conversion of biomass and led the effort discovering the function of GH61 enzyme in enzymatic cellulose degradation. Feng Xu is the author or co-author of about 89 articles, reviews, or book chapters, and is the inventor or co-inventor of about 38 issued or pending patents. Feng Xu served at the Editorial Advisory Panel of Biochemical Journal (2005-2013) and is a member of the American Chemical Society. Feng Xu completed his doctorate at the University of Paris VII in France (1982-1986) and his bachelor’s degree at Wuhan University in China (1978-1982). He worked as a postgraduate researcher at the University of California at San Diego (1986-1988) and a Research Investigator at the University of Michigan (1988-1992).

Affiliations and Expertise

Novozymes, Inc., CA, USA