Felicity N.E. Gavins

Felicity N.E. Gavins

Dr Gavins’ research interest focuses on inflammation and the regulation of leukocyte trafficking in the microcirculation. In particular, Dr Gavins and her team use the specialized technique of intravital microscopy to study cellular interactions in the microvasculature (brain, mesentery, cremaster, lymph node) of animals with inflammation. This technique enables a qualitative and quantitative measurement of a variety of different events e.g. measurements of platelet-leukocyte-endothelial cell adhesion, endothelial surface expression of adhesion molecules in vascular beds, in vivo measurements of oxidant stress, and endothelial barrier function. Dr Gavins also runs the MRes in Experimental Physiology and Drug Discovery (Bio-Imaging) programme and chairs a monthly seminar/ workshop for the Centre of Integrative Mammalian Physiology and Pharmacology.

Affiliations and Expertise

Assistant Professor, Director of the Small Animal Research Facility, LSU Health, Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, LA, USA


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