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The world's largest scientific publisher, Elsevier provides authoritative content and innovative workflow tools for oil & gas professionals.

From leading scientific content to cutting-edge exploration tools, Elsevier offers unique solutions to make faster, more informed decisions for research in:


  • Exploration – Discover the most trusted and widely used geological content and unprecedented search and discovery platforms
  • Production & Engineering – Optimize your extraction and production processes with comprehensive scientific content and invaluable information tools
  • Refining & Petrochemicals – Search the world’s leading chemistry content and innovative workflow tools for comprehensive coverage of downstream information


A unique web-based chemistry workflow solution which supports research and fuels discovery.

Elsevier | Reaxys

Reaxys enhances the exploration of chemical reaction and substance information, giving chemists more time for creativity and innovation and enabling them to meet their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Research tool enabling confident product and partnering decisions to explore new technologies, product applications and markets.

EXPLORE Trends and Opportunities - EVALUATE Technologies and Methods - COMPARE Organizations, People and Approaches - REPORT Findings and Insights.

The information discovery platform of choice for the engineering community.

Engineering Village is the first place users go to find answers to questions from the abstract to the precise, from the basic to the complex.

SciVerse is a groundbreaking platform that gives you our data, your way.

Unprecedented access to a constantly expanding universe of content and solutions resulting in more discovery with less searching

Elsevier BioSource - Instant access to scientific, industrial, and commercial information.

Elsevier BioSource offers a comprehensive, online platform that covers scientific and industrial BioSource data.

Web-based, geographic search & discovery tool that complements the geoscientist's workflow.

With thousands of georeferenced geological maps, trusted scientific insights, and intuitive features designed for geoscientists, Geofacets enables the in-depth analysis you need for upstream oil and gas exploration.