Ena Chong

Ena Chong

Ena Chong grew up in northern Queensland, on the Atherton Tableland, first at Millaa Millaa and later at Innot Hot Springs on the Great Western Highway. Ena and her husband and small family of four moved south nearly twenty six years ago in search of work and spent a couple of years in Victoria as seasonal workers. Their travel finally brought them to Ipswich where they settled and two more children were added to the family. Ena worked for the Ipswich Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service for close to ten years and is currently the Personnel Officer for the Woolloongabba AICHS. In this capacity she has supported many community initiatives e.g. the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Forum, community initiated health reviews and prison visiting programs. Ena has faced issues related to cross-cultural understanding for many years by conducting in-services on Aboriginal perspectives for police and medical officers. Over the past 10 years she has been involved in many cross-cultural education workshops as part of the Binang Goonj Team.

Affiliations and Expertise