Embedded System Design on a Shoestring

Embedded System Design on a Shoestring, 1st Edition

Achieving High Performance with a Limited Budget

Embedded System Design on a Shoestring, 1st Edition,Lewin Edwards,ISBN9780750676090






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Shares many advanced, "in-the-trenches" design secrets to help engineers achieve better performance on the job!

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Key Features

·A wealth of practical tips, tricks and techniques

·Design better, faster and more cost-effectively

·Accompanying companion website includes useful open-source tools for embedded design


In this practical guide, experienced embedded engineer Lewin Edwards demonstrates faster, lower-cost methods for developing high-end embedded systems. With today's tight schedules and lower budgets, embedded designers are under greater pressure to deliver prototypes and system designs faster and cheaper. Edwards demonstrates how the use of the right tools and operating systems can make seemingly impossible deadlines possible.

Designer's Guide to Embedded Systems Development shares many advanced, "in-the-trenches" design secrets to help engineers achieve better performance on the job. In particular, it covers many of the newer design tools supported by the GPL (GNU Public License) system. Code examples are given to provide concrete illustrations of tasks described in the text. The general procedures are applicable to many possible projects based on any 16/32-bit microcontroller. The book covers choosing the right architecture and development hardware to fit the project; choosing an operating system and developing a toolchain; evaluating software licenses and how they affect a project; step-by-step building instructions for gcc, binutils, gdb and newlib for the ARM7 core used in the case study project; prototyping techniques using a custom printed circuit board; debugging tips; and portability considerations. The accompanying companion website contains all the code used in the design examples as well as useful open-source tools for embedded design.


Embedded systems engineers, both hardware and software; Engineering consultants; Electronics engineering students just entering the embedded job market

Lewin Edwards

Lewin Edwards is an embedded engineer with over 15 years experience designing embedded systems hardware, firmware, and control software.

Affiliations and Expertise

Digi-Frame Inc., Port Chester, NY, USA

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Embedded System Design on a Shoestring, 1st Edition

Introduction; Before You Start: Fundamental Decisions; The GNU Toolchain; Gas: The GNU Assembler; Ld: GNU Linker; Converting Files with Objcopy; Objdump: Check Your Executable's Layout; Size: Check the Load Size of Your Executable; Gdb: The GNU Debugger; Example Firmware Walkthroughs and Debugging Techniques; Portability and Reliability Considerations; Useful Vendors and Other Web Resources; Index of Companion Website Contents; Acknowledgements
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