Elena Peñas

Elena Peñas

Elena Peñas BSc, PhD is a Research Scientist of the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (ICTAN), Madrid, Spain, belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Her main research interests are aimed to develop and validate technological bioprocesses for improving the safety, quality and bioactivity of plant foods. A key part of her research activities is focused on the evaluation of the allergenic potential and health implications of novel bioactive food ingredients. Dr. Peñas obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2000 at Complutense University of Madrid and her PhD in 2006 at Autonoma University of Madrid (Spain). Dr. Peñas has performed her research career in different renowned European Research Institutions such as Institute of Instituto del Frio (Spain), Institute of Industrial Fermentations (Spain), Nizo Food Research (the Netherlands), University of Milan (Italy) and MTT Agrifood Research (Finland). Dr. Peñas is author of more than 40 peerreviewed articles and 4 book chapters, and she has participated in several research projects funded by National and International Public Institutions and private companies. She has given many invited lectures at University of Milan and has served as a mentor of undergraduate and graduate students and international researchers visitors.

Affiliations and Expertise

Elena Peñas BSc, PhD, Research Scientist, Spanish National Research Council, Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, Madrid, Spain