Edward D. Donnerstein

Edward D. Donnerstein

Ed Donnerstein and Russell Geen are the past editor and associate editor of Academic Press’ journal Research in Personality. Ed Donnerstein is Professor of Communication and Psychology, Director of the Center for Communication and Social Policy, and Dean of Social Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A member of the American Psychological Association Commission on Violence and Youth, and the APA Task Force on television and Society, he has served on the Advisory Board of Mediascope, a Carnegie Foundation Violence Prevention Program, and currently serves on the Advisory Council of the American Medical Association Alliances violence prevention program. He has additionally served as a member of the United States Surgeon General’s Panel on Pornography and Child Abuse. His major research interests are in mass-media violence, in particular sexual violence, as well as mass media policy, and he has published over 140 scientific articles in these general areas.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.