Edmund C. Lattime

Edmund C. Lattime

Edmund C. Lattime is Professor of Surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Deputy Director, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Dr. Lattime studies tumor immunology and immunotherapy focusing on the tumor-host interaction and the tumor microenvironment. While faculty at Sloan Kettering and then Thomas Jefferson University, his translational studies led to the development and Phase I testing of a novel Vaccinia-GMCSF construct designed to enhance the development of antitumor immunity via infection/transfection of the tumor microenvironment. Based on his mechanistic studies of immune escape mechanisms, his group recently developed and is testing a poxvirus-based immunization strategy, which uses antigen encoding poxvirus delivered to the tumor microenvironment, in patients with locally-advanced pancreatic cancer.

Affiliations and Expertise

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, New Brunswick, U.S.A.