Dickson Ozokwelu

Dickson Ozokwelu

.Dr. Dickson Ozokwelu has 35+ years of diversified chemical engineering and management experience, spread evenly between entrepreneurship, government, industry and academia. Currently, he is Lead Technology Manager for the Chemicals’ portfolio at the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In this position, Dr. Ozokwelu plays significant roles in reshaping the US government’s energy policy, as well as developing and deploying energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies in key manufacturing industries in the United States, including Chemicals, Petroleum Refining and Pulp and Paper Industries. In the last 12 years at US DOE, Dr. Ozokwelu championed the focusing of R&D on ionic liquids by funding and managing several R&D projects in ionic liquids as part of the Chemicals portfolio. Subsequently, Dr. Ozokwelu co-pioneered the starting of the successful topical conference on ionic liquids at AIChE with Dr. Wei Liu of Pacific North-West National Laboratory, USA. Dr. Ozokwelu’s expertise is in process design, process economics and process synthesis, and separation technologies. More specifically, his specialty within separations technologies is non-ideal distillation synthesis (extractive, azeotropic and reactive distillations), and selection of appropriate solvents, which include ionic liquids to alter the relative volatility of mixtures. Moreover, Dr. Ozokwelu’s experience traverses across a wide variety of areas to include hydrocarbon processing, commodity and specialty chemicals, vegetable oil processing, production management, project management, contract negotiations, and dealing with people from diverse backgrounds. In a total of more than 10 years prior to US DOE, Dr. Ozokwelu held several technical and managerial positions in the US chemical industry. He was Engineering Associate (2nd highest rank in technical ladder) at BP North America, formerly BP-Amoco and Senior Research Chemical Engineer at Eastman Chemicals Company. He is widely recognized (US and abroad) as an expert in separations technology and won the OIT-DOE First Technology Vision 2020 Award for the Chemical Industry in Separations. While at BP-North America, Dr. Ozokwelu was an invited author and online editor for Toluene Manufacturing Technology and Economics in the online edition of Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (Kirk-Othmer Online) Prior to US industrial experience, Dr. Ozokwelu has more than 10 years of university teaching and accomplishments. Dr. Ozokwelu is a Fellow of Nigerian Society for Chemical Engineers and a Senior Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He received PhD and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1981 and 1978 respectively; a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Ife, Nigeria in 1975 and an MBA in Planning and Management from The University of Memphis in 1984. To date, Dr. Ozokwelu has been a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Tennessee, USA, since 1984.

Affiliations and Expertise

Dr. Dickson Ozokwelu, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, U.S. Department of Energy, Maryland, USA