Developing New Clinical Roles

Developing New Clinical Roles, 1st Edition

A Guide for Health Professionals

Developing New Clinical Roles, 1st Edition,Debra Humphris,Abigail Masterson,ISBN9780443070716


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Throughout the health care system, the traditional boundaries between professional groups are becoming increasingly blurred in response to local service needs and national policy objectives. New clinical roles are developing and nurses and other health professionals are finding opportunities to review and reconfigure their roles in response to changing health care needs and national policy imperatives. This book grew out of the editors involvement in the UKCCs work on the regulation of specialist, advanced and higher level practice and Department of Health research on new role developments and the impact of the `New Dealreduction in junior doctors hours. It combines a comprehensive and thought provoking overview of the key issues and emerging challenges with practical suggestions for promoting appropriate and sustainable role development.

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Debra Humphris

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Research Fellow, Health Care Evaluation Unit, St. George's Hospital Medical School, London, UK

Abigail Masterson

Affiliations and Expertise

Director, Abi Masterson Consulting Ltd, Southampton, UK

Developing New Clinical Roles, 1st Edition

Introduction. New role developments in context. The changing face of primary care: communitypharmacy; Research, evaluation and evidence-based practice; Freedom to learn freedom to be: learning, reflecting and supporting in practice; Managing new roles within the service; An invisible revolution within the clinical team; new role development for the professions allied to medicine; The consumer perspective; A medical perspective; Evaluating new role development; New role development: towards a strategic approach
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