Denis  Thiery

Denis  Thiery

Dr Denis Thiéry is research Director at the French Institute of Agronomic Research INRA. He has a Phd in insect behavioural ecology and specialized in plant insect communication and olfaction. During a 3 year postdoc in Wageningen, he studied plant odor perception (EAG/behaviour) in the Colorado potato beetle and aphids with JH Visser. His research at INRA focused on agronomic insect pests and their biological/ecological control. He has published over 200 basic research, extension papers and 4 books, on the European corn borer, the Colorado potato beetle, honeybees, grape pests and their parasitoids, and recently on the invasive hornet Vespa velutina predator of honeybees. He is group leader in INRA Bordeaux, heading the INRA Research Unit Santé Agroécologie of vineyards. He is implicated in the organisation of the IOBC group Integrated protection of viticulture and is associate editor of Bulletin of Entomological Research. He was honoured by the 2015 award ‘Ferchaud de Réaumur’ of the French entomological society and of the 2016 ‘Gold medal’ of the French Academy of Agriculture for its scientific contribution.

Affiliations and Expertise

French Institute of Agronomic Research INRA


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