Deepak R. Mishra

Deepak R. Mishra

Mishra’s research expertise is in the area of application of geospatial science to monitor environment particularly vegetation and water resources in the southeastern U.S. His research on radiative transfer model and water column correction procedure to map underwater coral reef habitats from space have been citied in numerous journal articles and replicated by many researchers and resource managers. His research on predicting toxic algal growth (cyanobacteria) and phytoplankton in inland waters has attracted attention of agencies such as GA Power, EPA, and Center for Disease Control. Mishra currently serves on the Editorial board of two international journals, GIScience and Remote Sensing and MDPI’s Remote Sensing, and is an active reviewer for 34 international journals. He edited a special issue for GIScience and Remote Sensing during 2013 entitled “Coastal Remote Sensing” which was published in early 2014. Currently, he is co-editing two special issues entitled “Remote Sensing of Water resources” and “Remote sensing in coastal environments” for MDPI’s Remote Sensing.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Geography, University of Georgia, GA, USA


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