Deepak Langhe

Deepak Langhe

Deepak Langhe is a Director at PolymerPlus LLC where he serves as the Technology Director and primary investigator on micro- and nano-layer based film technologies. Deepak received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University’s Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering under Professors Eric Baer and Anne Hiltner. He has more than 20 publications and 2 issued patents related to innovative applications of multilayer film systems. Some of his current research activities include multilayered films for energy storage applications, fabrication of non-woven fibers for filtration applications, and multilayer film based shape memory materials. He is also involved with translation of these and other related novel multilayer film related technologies to commercial marketplace. His other research interests are coextrusion processing, multilayer film applications in consumer goods, green and biodegradable polymers in coextruded structures, structure-property relationships and confinement effects in nanolayered films as well as thermoplastic materials.

Affiliations and Expertise

PolymerPlus LLC, Ohio, USA