Darryl C. De Vivo

Darryl C. De Vivo

Dr. Darryl C. De Vivo is the Sidney Carter Professor of Neurology, Professor of Pediatrics, and Director Emeritus (1979-2000) of the Pediatric Neurology Service at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. He also serves as the Associate Chairman for Pediatric Neurosciences and Developmental Neurobiology, the Founding Director of the Colleen Giblin Research Laboratories for Pediatric Neurology, and the Co-Director of the Center for Motor Neuron Biology and Disease (MNC). Dr. De Vivo was a Director for Neurology and President of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Secretary of the American Academy of Neurology, and President of the Child Neurology Society. He completed postgraduate training in medicine at the University of Virginia Medical School, and residency training in medicine, pediatrics, and neurology at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital, and at the National Institutes of Health where he was a Clinical Associate in Neurology. Dr. De Vivo receives federal and non-federal funding, and serves as the Director for the Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinical Research Network (PNCRN) in Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He has published more than 400 original articles and reviews, lectures extensively in the U.S. and abroad, and serves on several editorial boards and advisory committees. He was honored in 2014 by the American Academy of Neurology as the recipient of the Sidney Carter Award in Pediatric Neurology. He has devoted part of his professional career to the study of neuromuscular diseases. In 1967, he studied at the NINDS as a clinical associate under W. King Engel. In 1975, he and Michael Brooke established the Jerry Lewis Neuromuscular Disease Center at Washington University School of Medicine. In 1979, Dr. De Vivo established the Pediatric Neuromuscular Disease Center at the Columbia University Medical Center, and in 2004, with support from the New York-based SMA Foundation, the Center was expanded to include the SMA Clinical Research Center, an intramural affiliate of the MNC. Recently, the PNCRN, established in 2004, has been expanded to six academic sites at Columbia, Harvard, Penn, Rochester, Nemours/Orlando and Stanford. This network is dedicated to the acceleration of clinical trials in search of effective treatments for SMA.

Affiliations and Expertise

Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA