current Opinion

Current Opinion

The Current Opinion series of journal titles each publish six specially commissioned themed issues annually by world-leading scientists and provide in-depth reviews of their field in the past 12 months. The series has been developed out of the recognition that it is increasingly difficult for specialists to keep up to date with the expanding volume of information published in their subject. Elsevier’s Current Opinion journals comprise of 12 leading titles in life sciences and adjacent fields.

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

USD 2,344.00
Editors-in-Chief::R. Leemans
Impact Factor: 2.758

Current Opinion in Genetics & Development

USD 2,652.00
Co-Editors-in-Chief::Marnie Halpern
Impact Factor: 8.568

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Current Opinion in Immunology

USD 2,704.00
Editors-in-Chief::Frederick Alt
Impact Factor: 7.867

Current Opinion in Cell Biology

USD 2,768.00
Editors:Tom Misteli
Impact Factor: 8.736

Current Opinion in Biotechnology

USD 268.80
Editor:Greg Stephanopoulos
Impact Factor: 8.035

Current Opinion in Neurobiology

USD 2,613.00
Editors:Cornelia Bargmann
Impact Factor: 6.765

Current Opinion in Structural Biology

USD 2,932.00
Editors::Tom L. Blundell
Impact Factor: 8.747

Current Opinion in Pharmacology

USD 268.80
Editors-in-Chief::N. Bowery
Impact Factor: 4.227