Crystal Fulton

Crystal Fulton

Dr. Crystal Fulton is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Information and Library Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland, where she teaches in the areas of information literacy, information and public services, information behaviour, and social computing and media. Her teaching takes a collaborative, problem-solving approach, aimed at promoting self- constructed learning practices to help students become more independently analytic. She introduced the teaching of qualitative research in her school, as well as new and interesting classroom techniques and assessment to encourage student engagement in learning. She created and teaches a unique course, Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn, to help doctoral level students across the university develop best teaching practices for the classroom as well as a teaching e-portfolio to document their progress. She has also taught in Germany under the ERASMUS programme. She has long used blended and fully online teaching and learning, pioneering her school's first course to be offered completely online.She was the co-Principal Investigator on Creating e-Practicums to Enhance Undergraduate Learning, a project funded by the university to introduce reusable digital learning objects in the school. She recently won the UCD President's Teaching Award (2010-2012) for excellence in contributions to teaching in the university. In 2011 she was one of only two members of UCD nominated for the prestigious National Awards for Excellence in Teaching (NAIRTL). As her school's Director for Teaching and Learning for five years, she has been responsible for managing and supporting the development of teaching policy and practice in the school. She has delivered papers at international conferences on teaching and learning, and she has published in this area. Her book, Information Pathways: A Problem-Solving Approach to Information Literacy, was published in 2010.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Lecturer, School of Information and Library Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland