Courtney Tarbox

Courtney Tarbox

Courtney Tarbox, MS, BCBA, is a Regional Clinic Director at FirstSteps for Kids, an ABA service provider offering comprehensive intervention to children on the autism spectrum. Her early work in developmental disabilities included working in therapeutic, residential, and educational settings, with individuals diagnosed with a variety of developmental disorders and ranging in age from early childhood to adolescence. Ms. Tarbox has worked at FirstSteps since 2009 and is responsible for designing and overseeing individualized treatment plans that are unique to each child’s needs, as well as monitoring the service provision implemented by behavior technicians to ensure that competent and dedicated individuals are providing intervention leading to meaningful progress for the children with whom they work. Ms. Tarbox is actively engaged in treatment evaluation research and has published in peer-reviewed journals. Ms. Tarbox is a regular presenter at autism and ABA conferences and gives parent and community presentations with the aim of dispelling common misconceptions about ABA treatment for children with autism.

Affiliations and Expertise

FirstStep for Kids, Inc., Westlake Village, CA, USA