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Securing computer systems is crucial in our increasingly interconnected electronic world. With so many business, consumer, and governmental processes occurring online, a growing potential exists for unauthorized access, change, or destruction of those processes. For years, Elsevier’s Syngress imprint has helped computer and information security professionals learn theory, strategy, and tactics for protecting digital assets in this constantly evolving field. Our books and eBooks in areas such as digital forensics, hacking and penetration testing, certification, and IT security and administration enable these professionals to comply with industry standards, test and analyze protected systems, and extract evidence for improved security resources — all vital aspects of their jobs.

Spotlight on Paulo Shakarian

Paulo Shakarian,Introduction to Cyber-Warfare,1st Edition,9780124078147
Author of Introduction to Cyber-Warfare, 1st Edition

Paulo Shakarian, Ph.D. is a Major in the U.S. Army and an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) teaching classes on computer science and information technology as wells as conducting research on cyber-security, social networks, and artificial intelligence. He has written over twenty papers published in scientific and military journals. Relating to cyber-warfare, he has written the paper “Stuxnet: Cyberwar Revolution in Military Affairs” published in Small Wars Journal... [More...]

Introduction to Cyber-Warfare, 1st Edition

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Release Date: 04 Jun 2013

Social Media Security

Social networks have become part of the fabric of how we communicate and collaborate as a society. Be prepared to adopt them securely across the enterprise.

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Author: Michael Cross
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Cyber Warfare, 2nd Edition

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