Computer Science

Computing functionality is ubiquitous. Today this logic is built into almost any machine you can think of, from home electronics and appliances to motor vehicles, and it governs the infrastructures we depend on daily — telecommunication, public utilities, transportation. Maintaining it all and driving it forward are professionals and researchers in computer science, across disciplines including:

•  Hardware architecture
•  Embedded systems
•  Software development
•  Big data administration
•  Artificial intelligence

•  Systems analysis
•  User experience (UX) & user interface (UI)
•  Human-computer interaction (HCI)
•  Usability
•  Information security, hacking, and penetration testing

Elsevier’s deep catalog of content in these and many other areas of computer science is constantly growing, along with field itself, and includes numerous publications from industry-leading imprints such as Syngress, Newnes, and Morgan Kaufmann.

Spotlight on Ahava Leibtag

Ahava Leibtag,The Digital Crown,1st Edition,9780124076747
Author of The Digital Crown, 1st Edition

Ahava R. Leibtag has more than 15 years of experience in writing, messaging and marketing. Her unique specialty is creating marketing campaigns designed to reach your end-user, no matter how intricate your subject matter. Ahava is the Principal and owner of Aha Media Group, LLC, a full service Web consulting firm that has been in operation since October 2005. Clients include Johns Hopkins Medicine, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Washington Cancer Institute, Georgetown University Hospital, Franklin Square Hospital Center... [More...]

The Digital Crown, 1st Edition

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USD 29.95
Author: Ahava Leibtag
Release Date: 06 Nov 2013

Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure Protection

This authoritative reference provides focused coverage of and practical solutions to cyber security and IT infrastructure protection issues.

[ More... ]
Print Book:
USD 49.95
Author: John Vacca
Release Date: 09 Sep 2013

Usability Testing Essentials, 1st Edition

Print Book:
USD 49.95
Author: Carol Barnum
Release Date: 22 Oct 2010

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