Christopher B. Smith

Christopher B. Smith

Mr. Smith is a Project Manager at Wolf Robotics in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializing in projects advancing the state of the capability automatic robotic solutions and has been with Wolf Robotics since early 2013. Prior to that, Chris was Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering of Friction Stir Link, Inc. (FSL) in Brookfield, WI which was founded in 2001. At FSL, Chris led efforts in the commercialization of friction stir welding and the related technologies. Prior to FSL, Chris began his career at A.O. Smith Automotive Products Company, where he was responsible for the development of new robotic processing technologies. Throughout his career, Mr. Smith has lead the development and integration of new automated technologies and has been involved with friction stir welding, arc welding, machining and material handling technologies. He developed the first production capable industrial robotic system for friction stir welding. Chris has managed projects leading to significant advancements in robotic material handling, friction stir welding and its related technologies, as well as robotic machining and drilling. At FSL he managed projects leading to many of North America’s first and/or most significant friction stir welding applications. Mr. Smith has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder and Master of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Mechanical Engineering. He was awarded the American Welding Society’s A.F. Davis Silver Medal Award in 2001. Chris has authored over 30 papers and chapters on FSW in two engineering books and has two patents. Chris also is co-chair of the American Welding Society’s C6 Committee on Recommended Practices for Friction Stir Welding.

Affiliations and Expertise

Project Manager, Wolf Robotics, Fort Collins, Colorado