Christophe Boone

Christophe Boone

Christophe Boone is a full professor of Organization Theory and Behavior at the Faculty of Applied Economics of the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Before that he was full-time faculty at the Graduate School of Business and Economics (GSBE) of Maastricht University, The Netherlands (1992-2001). He held a honorary chair in Organization Theory at the University of Groningen (2005-2006). Recently, he was nominated as a fellow extra muros at the GSBE of Maastricht University (2014-2017). He is co-founder of the Antwerp Centre of Evolutionary demography (ACED), an international and interdisciplinary research institute established at the University of Antwerp in 2007 dedicated to the study of the antecedents and consequences of diversity in the realm of teams, organizations, industries and communities. Christophe Boone is an interdisciplinary social scientist with research interests that currently focus on the dynamics of organizational populations in local communities, the antecedents and consequences of team and organizational diversity, CEO values and cognition, and the neuroeconomics of decision making.

Affiliations and Expertise

Faculty of Applied Economics, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium