Christian Zemlin

Christian Zemlin

Dr. Christian Zemlin is the Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab at Old Dominion University. He has done basic research on arrhythmia mechanisms and particularly atrial fibrillation for 15 years. He uses voltage-sensitive florescent probed to experimentally study cardiac activity large-scale parallel computer modeling to understand how arrhythmias are initiated and maintained. Other research interests include imaging of tissue structures using optical clearing and confocal; microscopy and the general theory of excitable media. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles (in the category of Medicine), book chapters, and peer-reviewed abstracts. His work receives increased citations year over year from 2005-2014. Dr. Zemlin is actively collaborating with Dr. Philpott on optimizing aspects of the Cox Maze IV procedure in animal experiments

Affiliations and Expertise

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA


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