Charlotte  Håkansson

Charlotte  Håkansson

Charlotte Håkansson achieved her master’s in Library and Information Science in 1997 from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. As an information professional she first started her career in the pharmaceutical industry as a Documentalist at Ferring in Sweden in 1996 and then continued as a Medical Information Specialist and Corporate Intranet Project Manager at Ferring International Centre in Denmark in 1999. In 2004 she was offered the position of Business Intelligence Manager at corporate level at Nycomed in Denmark - a position she held until 2010 when the company moved to Zurich. In 2011 she founded Novolentia - a consultant company working with individual and qualitative deliveries of business intelligence processes and solutions. Novolentia offers specialised and competitive business intelligence as well as structured information management within businesses, organisations and public areas. In 2012 she was offered a position for research support at the library of the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences - SLU University Library. Charlotte is today working as a Team Leader Research Support at SLU University Library besides managing her own business at Novolentia. Charlotte has a broad international experience of project management: corporate projects to analyse organisational processes, global intranet implementation, discovery and database solutions, business intelligence systems, information management of competitor solutions and information audits. She is a member of the Swedish Association of Information Specialists (SFIS) as well as a coordinator of SFIS’s Business Intelligence Network. Charlotte has also been a chair of the Swedish Association of Information Specialists South between 2006 and 2009. During the same time period Charlotte worked as an external lecturer in Business Intelligence at Copenhagen University in Denmark.

Affiliations and Expertise

Owner, Novolentia; and Team Leader, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Library, Sweden.