Charles E. Walker

Charles E. Walker

C. E. (Chuck) Walker: Born and raised in rural southern Iowa in the US, he received his BS in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University in 1959 and his PhD in Cereal Chemistry from North Dakota State University in 1966. He worked in Flour Milling Research for General Mills, Minneapolis, MN and in Baked Food Product Development for Fairmont Foods Co, Omaha, NE. He taught Science and Chemistry at Valley City, ND, State College, and Cereal Technology and Food Science at the University of Nebraska. Since 1987, he has been Senior Professor of Bakery Science & Management at Kansas State University. His principle interests currently include the Applied Rheology of starch and dough and Baking Oven Technology. He is best known for research with Sucrose Ester emulsifiers, his work on expanding the capabilities and applications of the Rapid Visco-Analyser, for computerizing the Mixograph, and for research on impingement and hybrid oven technologies.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Grain Science & Industry Shellenbeger, Kansas State University, U.S.A.

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Charles E. Walker

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