Chafic Merhy

Chafic Merhy

Chafic Merhy, with a PhD in Economics and Finance from the University Montpellier I (France) and a Master in Econometrics in Macrodynamics, has worked as a Visiting Professor at the University Paris IX Dauphine in subjects such as Advanced Risk and Asset Allocation, Active Management and Forecasting, Risk Management: Extreme Risks and Copulas and Valuing and Managing Credit Risk. Since 2007, he has been working for Natixis Asset Management in Paris as Head of “Credit Quantitative Research” in the Fixed Income Department Financial Engineering, Investment Process Calibration, Portfolio Allocation, Risk Indicators, Pricing, Quantitative Strategy and RFP. Reporting to deputy CIO

Affiliations and Expertise

Head of Credit Quantitative Research, Natixis Asset Management, Paris, France


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