Celestino Padeste

Celestino Padeste

Celestino Padeste (born 1961 in Zürich/Switzerland) studied chemistry at the University of Zürich, from where he received a PhD degree in 1989 in the field of inorganic solid state / gas phase reactions. After a Post-Doc at the University of New South Wales in Sydney/Australia, which was focused on surface analysis of catalyst systems, he was in 1993 employed at the Micro- and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen/Switzerland, in the frame of a biosensor project in the molecular nanotechnology group. Since 2003 he is a senior scientist in the polymer nanotechnology group in the same laboratory. His research is focused on the design of functional surfaces by combination of micro- and nanostructuring methods, including synchrotron-based lithography, with chemical surface modification, polymer grafting and protein immobilization. He is supervising PhD students and Post-Docs in basic and application-related research projects. He is a coauthor of more than 75 scientific papers and 4 patents.

Affiliations and Expertise

Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland