Carolyn Declerck

Carolyn Declerck

Carolyn Declerck is currently a professor at the Department of Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp where she teaches psychology and conducts research on cooperation and social dilemmas. C. Declerck obtained her PhD in Ecology at the University of California Davis (1991) and subsequently taught various classes in ecology and biodiversity at Portland State University, Oregon (1992-1998). She conducted post-doctoral research in the neuroscience of choice behavior and economic decision making at the University of Antwerp (1999-2006) and joined the Faculty there in 2006. Together with Christophe Boone they started a research program in neuroeconomics where they and their graduate students combine principles of psychology, behavioral economics, and the tools of neurosciences to try to unravel the different motives underlying social decision-making. Carolyn Declerck is also the author of a Dutch book (Who is the Homo economics?, Leuven: ACCO Press) with the purpose of introducing the principles of psychology to undergraduate students in Economic Sciences.

Affiliations and Expertise

Faculty of Applied Economics, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium