Carlo Sala

Carlo Sala

Dr. Carlo Sala is a Senior Researcher at the Neuroscience Institute within the National Research Council of Italy, and is also affiliated with Department of Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine at the University of Milano. He has previously edited a Synaptic Plasticity volume for Springer, and is author and co-author of over eighty peer-reviewed papers published in international scientific journals in the field of neuroscience. His laboratory is interested in understanding the function of various proteins which regulate neuronal synapse formation and plasticity, and their association with ASDs and intellectual disability. Among other valuable research contributions, his research group was the first to connect synapse function to mutations in SHANK genes, which are one of the most common genetic causes of autism.

Affiliations and Expertise

CNR Institute of Neuroscience, Milano, Italy


Editors: Carlo Sala & Chiara Verpelli Release Date: 17 May 2016
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Editors: Carlo Sala & Chiara Verpelli Release Date: 17 May 2016
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