C. Hilary Fry

C. Hilary Fry

C. Hilary Fry was born in England in 1937, and an enduring passion for African birds was generated when he led an undergraduate expedition from Cambridge University to Annobon (Pagalu) Island. Later ornithological expeditions were to Lake Chad four times, Lake Turkana, Okavango, by hovercraft along the Neger and Congo Rivers, and to Egypt (Sinai), Borneo and Brazil. He lived in Nigeria for seven years and gained his Ph.D. there with studies of bee-eaters. At Aberdeen University in 1967-68 his main research interests were in avian co-operative breeding, migration and systematics, and he supervised doctoral researches on bee-eater sociobiology and wagtail ecology. Studies in African ornithology earned him Aberdeen's D.Sc. degree; his 190 publications include The Bee-eaters (1984) and, with his wife Kathie, the award winning Kingfishers, Bee-eaters and Rollers (1992). He is a Corresponding Fellow of the AOU and a former Council Member of the BOU. In 1994 he delivered the inaugural Cecily Niven Memorial Lecture in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. After nine years in Oman, where he was Chairman of Biology at Sultan Qaboos University, he is now an Honorary Professor in Zoology at Aberdeen University and lives with his wife in Cumbria, England.

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Sultan Qaboos University, Alkhod, Muscat, Oman

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C. Hilary Fry

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