Bob Fahy

Bob Fahy

Bob Fahy is currently the director of corporate security at Kraft Foods. He is a seasoned multidiscipline executive security management professional with over 20 years of varied international experience in conducting and managing complex investigations; assessing threats and exposures; designing cost-effective countermeasures to mitigate threats; obtaining stakeholder consensus; and implementing appropriate asset protection programs to include but not limited to information protection, food defense, supply chain, facilities, investigations, people situational awareness, brand protection, strategic risk profiles, kidnapping, and extortion. His broad experience in multicultural, multi-threat and multilingual environments provides unique skills in formulating policies and procedures, developing effective crisis management plans, obtaining valuable strategic and tactical threat information, and directing international complex financial fraud investigations on behalf of global stakeholders. Bob is widely known as an energetic team player and objective communicator with a history of aligning the security group and programs with the clients’ global and regional objectives.

Affiliations and Expertise

Director, Corporate Security at Kraft Foods