Basudeb Karmakar

Basudeb Karmakar

Professor Karmakar has over 32 years’ of research experience on the preparation, characterization and property evaluation of different types of glass nanocomposites, glasses (viz. chalcogenide, silicate, borosilicate, fluorophosphate, phosphate, borate, silica, etc.), glass-ceramics, ceramic oxide powders, gels etc. His notable R&D contributions are in the process technology development of nanometal- and semiconductor-glass hybrid nanocomposites, Nd- and Er-doped phosphate laser glass, phosphate based radiation sensitive (RPL) glass, high density radiation resistant lead silicate (RSW) glass, optical glass, ultra-low expansion transparent glass-ceramics, machineable glass-ceramics, ferroelectric glass-ceramic nanocomposite, rare-earth (RE) doped luminescent glasses and glass-ceramics, rare-earth doped nanocrystalline nonlinear optical (NLO) glass-ceramic nanocomposites, thermally cyclable glass-based solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) sealants, and high purity silica glass by sol-gel technique.

Affiliations and Expertise

Glass Science & Technology Section, CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata, India