Atlas of Surface Palpation

Atlas of Surface Palpation, 3rd Edition

Anatomy of the Neck, Trunk, Upper and Lower Limbs

Atlas of Surface Palpation, 3rd Edition,Serge Tixa,ISBN9780702062254





Palpation is an important aspect of clinical examination and one which allows the careful selection of the most appropriate manual therapy technique or manoeuvre. The new edition of this highly successful volume contains over 600 clear and precise photographs and colour artworks together with over 150 ‘pull out’ boxes to act as valuable aide memoires.

Each illustration clearly shows the surface investigation of the different anatomical structures (which include bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and elements of the neurovascular system) each accompanied by a succinct technical description.

Practical and authoritative, it is hoped that this volume will be of use to all students and practitioners involved with the manual therapies.

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Key Features

  • All new artwork programme enhances accessibility and learning
  • Useful template approach aids ready understanding and allows the reader to go at his or her own speed
  • Presents almost 600 photographs and line artworks to render the learning experience as easy as possible
  • Contains over 160 pull out boxes to act as useful aide memoires
  • Clinical Hints and Tips boxes indicate points of relevance for the clinic

Serge Tixa

Serge Tixa est cadre formateur en écoles d'ostéopathie, chiropraxie et kinésithérapie. Il est également chargé de cours à l'école d'ostéopathie de Lyon (ATSA) pour les formations initiales et en alternance ainsi qu'à l'institut d'ostéopathie (IFKO) et à l'institut de masso-kinésithérapie (IFMK) de Montpellier.

Affiliations and Expertise

Instructor of Anatomy & Palpatory Anatomy, Swiss School of Osteopathy, Lausanne, Switzerland Formador de profesionales de la salud; profesor de anatomía en la École Suisse d’Ostéopathie de Lausana Cadre de santé, professeur d'anatomie et d'anatomie palpatoire dans plusieurs écoles d´ostéopathie en France et en Europe, formateur auprès des professionnels de santé.

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Atlas of Surface Palpation, 3rd Edition

1. Neck

2. Trunk and Sacrum

3. Shoulder

4. Arm

5. Elbow

6. Forearm

7. Wrist and Hand

8: Hip

9: Thigh

10: Knee

11. Leg

12: Foot and Ankle


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