Atlas of Surface Palpation

Atlas of Surface Palpation, 2nd Edition

Anatomy of the Neck, Trunk, Upper and Lower Limbs

Atlas of Surface Palpation, 2nd Edition,Serge Tixa,ISBN9780443068751


Churchill Livingstone

9780443068751 New edition


246 X 189

Palpation is one of the most important aspects in clinical examination and the diagnostic approach enables a better application of the manual techniques used. This book contains 800 precise black and white photographs (many of which have never appeared in written works before) which are spread out over 12 chapters.

They clearly illustrate the surface investigation of the different anatomical structures (bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and neurovascular system) and each is accompanied by a technical description.

A reference manual for both students and practitioners, this book is also a methodological guide to a more practical and professional application of anatomy. Written to be both practical and concrete, it is of service to a diagnostic procedure in which palpation is one of the vital methods of clinical examination.

It will also prove to be a precise and rigorous tool for a better application of manual techniques practised in the medical or allied health fields. This new edition includes the addition of a rubric entitled "Application" for each photo, 80 new photos and 4-colour anatomical plates by Netter.

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Serge Tixa

Serge Tixa est cadre formateur en écoles d'ostéopathie, chiropraxie et kinésithérapie. Il est également chargé de cours à l'école d'ostéopathie de Lyon (ATSA) pour les formations initiales et en alternance ainsi qu'à l'institut d'ostéopathie (IFKO) et à l'institut de masso-kinésithérapie (IFMK) de Montpellier.

Affiliations and Expertise

Instructor of Anatomy & Palpatory Anatomy, Swiss School of Osteopathy, Lausanne, Switzerland Formador de profesionales de la salud; profesor de anatomía en la École Suisse d’Ostéopathie de Lausana Cadre de santé, professeur d'anatomie et d'anatomie palpatoire dans plusieurs écoles d´ostéopathie en France et en Europe, formateur auprès des professionnels de santé.

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