Arjun Sabharwal

Arjun Sabharwal

Arjun Sabharwal joined the University of Toledo Library faculty in January 2009 as Assistant Professor and Digital Initiatives Librarian. He holds a Master of Library and Information Science and a Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration in addition to previously earned graduate degrees. He oversees the digital preservation of archival collections, manages the Toledo's Attic virtual museum web site, designs virtual exhibitions, leads the planning and implementation of UTOPIA (The University of Toledo OPen Institutional Archive) and the University of Toledo Digital Repository at the university, and manages digitization projects. Current professional interests include archiving, digital humanities, digital history, and developing thematic research collections. He has authored several research articles and reviews, and presented at conferences on work related to archives and digital libraries. Since 2010, he has engaged in digital scholarship via his international blog on ResearchGate titled Digital Humanities and Archives.

Affiliations and Expertise

Assistant Professor and Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Toledo Library, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA.