Antoninovich Eduard Titlyanov

Antoninovich Eduard Titlyanov

Dr. Titlyanov graduated from Far Eastern State University at Vladivostok in 1963 and got bachelor degree, and got master degree from Leningrad State University on specialty plant biochemistry in 1966. He is the head of the Laboratory of the Physiology of Marine Autotrophic Organisms, A.V. Zhirmunsky Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. His research areas include macroalgae and coral distribution dependent upon light and other environmental factors, the autotrophic and heterotrophic functions of the various reef-building coral species and range of their habitat. During last 15 years Prof. Titlyanov E. A. carried out the investigations in the field of adaptation of marine algae, both multicellular and unicellular (zooxanthellae), to quantity and spectral composition of light. He published more than 50 papers and 4 books.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Institute of Marine Biology, Russia