Anatoly B. Schmidt

Anatoly B. Schmidt

Dr. Anatoly.B. Schmidt holds M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from Latvian University, Riga. For more than 10 years, Dr. Schmidt was the lead modeling scientist at the Latvian Center for Biological, Medical, and Ecological Research. In the 90s, he was engaged for several years in development of computational chemistry software and in its applications to life sciences. His research interests include modeling "of anything", from biological processes to financial markets. His major fields of expertise are the statistical physics, in particular, the theory of fluids, (poly)electrolytes and plasmas, the solvation theory and its applications in biology, and, most recently, quantitative finance. Dr. Schmidt is the author of the book "Statistical thermodynamics of classical plasmas" (Energoatomizdat, Moscow, 1991), and more than 40 publications in biophysics, statistical and chemical physics, and econophysics. Dr. A.B. Schmidt has been a financial data analyst since 1997.

Affiliations and Expertise

Financial Data Analyst