Ami Chopine

Ami Chopine

Ami has been dabbling in computer graphics since she was a child. She co-founded Geekatplay Studio through which several award winning images and animations were released. In September of 2007, the Geekatplay team started releasing video tutorials for Vue. As well as editing Vladimir’s work, Ami developed and recorded a Vue tutorial series for beginners, called Discovering Vue, one of Geekatplay’s most popular products. Their tutorials are well known the community for being the most informative and easiest to follow of all the Vue tutorials available. Since then, she has also written several tutorials for 3D World Magazine. A graduate of Orson Scott Card’s Literary Bootcamp with published fiction, Ami has a passion for teaching and helping other artists develop their creativity. She brings to the table high end professional writing skills, with a strong emphasis on clarity, keeping interest, and understanding the needs of her audience. She is also the co-author of ‘Vue 7: From the Ground Up’ which published in May 2009.

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Ami Chopine is the co-founder of GeekAtPlay Studio, which has released several award-winning images and animations and is well-known in the 3D community for its informative and easy to follow tutorials. Ami is also the author of several tutorials for 3D World Magazine, as well as the 2009 book, Vue 7: From the Ground Up. She is a graduate of the Orson Scott Card's Literary Bootcamp and has a passion for teaching and helping other artists develop their creativity.

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Ami Chopine

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