Allan Liska

Allan Liska

Allan Liska is a Consulting Systems Engineer at FireEye Inc. and an "accidental" security expert. While Allan has always been good at breaking things, he got his start professionally working as a customer service representative at GEnie Online Services (a long defunct early competitor to AOL), where he would spend his off hours figuring out how users had gain unauthorized access to the system, booting them off, and letting the developers know what needed to be patched. Unknowingly, this was leading him down the path of becoming a security professional. Since then he has work at companies like UUNET, Symantec, and iSIGHT Partners helping companies better secure their networks. He has also worked at Boeing trying to break into those company networks. In addition to his time spent on both sides of the security divide Allan has written extensively on security including The Practice of Network Security and Building an Intelligence-Led Security Program. He was also a contributing author to Apache Administrator's Handbook.

Affiliations and Expertise

Consulting Systems Engineer, FireEye Inc.