Ali Jahan


Ali Jahan

Dr Jahan is active in the development of multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) techniques for the engineering design process, especially for materials selection. His main research interests are in the application of MCDM and quality tools for improving materials, design and processing. Dr Jahan has been involved in different projects in industry related to quality engineering and designing systems based on the requirements of quality management standards and associated decision support systems. He has various publications describing the development of MCDM in design and materials engineering. Dr. Jahan regularly reviews papers in different international journals, and managed a special issue as guest editor, and is the recipient of awards related to his research and academic activities. He is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Semnan Brach, Islamic Azad University, Iran.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Industrial Engineering, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran