Albert W. Tucker

Albert W. Tucker

The career of Albert W. Tucker spans more than 50 years at Princeton University. Best known today for his work in mathematical programming and game theory (e.g., the Kuhn-Tucker theorem, Tucker tableaux, and the Prisoner's Dilemma), he was also prominent in combinational topology in his earlier years. An outstanding teacher, leader, and editor, he has been Chairman of the Princeton Mathematics Department, President of the MAA, Chairman of the Mathematical Programming Society, and course instructor, thesis advisor, or general mentor to scores of active mathematicians. For many years before his retirement in 1974, he taught a popular junior-senior course in games and programs, the notes for which grew into this book-thanks to Evar D. Nering.

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Princeton University, New Jersey

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Albert W. Tucker


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Authors: Evar Nering & Albert Tucker Release Date: 12 Oct 1992
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