Albert Postma

Albert Postma

Albert Postma obtained his PhD at Nijmegen University in 1991. Subsequently he moved to Utrecht University. He now holds the chair of Clinical Neuropsychology, Utrecht University and is head of the Department of Experimental Psychology. Over the past two decades, his research has focused on spatial cognition and human memory in both healthy and brain damaged individuals. Much of this work has been inspired by the EU NEST Fp6 program “Finding your way in the world - on the neurocognitive basis of spatial memory and orientation in humans” (Wayfinding) for which Albert Postma was coordinator. Another line of his spatial cognition research has focused on multisensory space and what happens to spatial cognitive abilities after sensory deprivation (blindness; deafness). Albert Postma has been editor for the memory and learning section of Acta Psychologica for several years, as well as guest editor for special issues on spatial cognition of Neuropsychologia and Acta Psychologica.

Affiliations and Expertise

Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands


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