Advances in Biomedical Engineering

Advances in Biomedical Engineering, 1st Edition

Advances in Biomedical Engineering, 1st Edition,Pascal Verdonck,ISBN9780444530752

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Key Features

- Provides an educational review of recent advances
- Focuses on biomedical high technology
- Features contributions from leaders in the field


The aim of this essential reference is to bring together the interdisciplinary areas of biomedical engineering education. Contributors review the latest advances in biomedical engineering research through an educational perspective, making the book useful for students and professionals alike. Topics range from biosignal analysis and nanotechnology to biophotonics and cardiovascular medical devices.


Students; Professionals; Medical doctors

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Advances in Biomedical Engineering, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. Review of Research in Cardiovascular Devices
D. Zbigniew Nawrat

Chapter 2. Biomechanical modelling of Stents: Survey 1997-2007
Matthieu De Beule

Chapter 3. Signal Extraction in Multisensor Biomedical Recordings
V. Zarzoso, R. Phlypo, O. Meste and P. Comon

Chapter 4. Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging of Visible Fluorescent Proteins
Ankur Jain, Christian Blum and Vinod Subramaniam

Chapter 5. Monte Carlo Simulations in Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Steven Staelens and Irene Buvat

Chapter 6. Biomedical Visualization
Chris R. Johnson and Xavier Tricoche
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